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International Tower Design Awards

As the public perception shifts from the development center to the people and the environment, interest in the environmental impact of electric power facilities has heightened, and the existing transmission tower is being widely perceived as an evasive facility that damages the landscape and lowers the local value.

This International Transmission Tower Design Awards is hosted by KEPCO, which selected as the 'No.1 World Power Company in 2016' by Forbes magazine. It is one of Korea's leading electric power companies in Korea. We will promote the domestic and foreign development and installation cases as well as alleviate the negative perception about transmission towers by promoting and promoting them.
Outline of international environmental harmonization transmission tower design contest
Target contestants Environment-friendly transmission towers being installed or planning to install in actual transmission lines.
Eligibility The staffs of utilities and manufacturers who are the main operation and/or installation bodies of transmission towers
Application deadline September 10, 2017   (If you are willing to apply, Please let us know so that we can be considerate to you.)
Contents of the contest
  • History of the transmission tower and development
  • Cases of development difficulties and overcoming
  • Development and installation costs
  • Various technical data: transmission voltage, electric wire and insulator type, span, wind speed, etc.
How to apply online at the offical website
Information Regarding Evaluation
Preliminary evaluation
  • Date / Place : Sep 11, 2017 (Tuesday) / Place not confirmed
  • Examination contents
    • Eligibility of application and content
    • Whether there are overlapping applications for the same design ☞ Pieces accepted first will be main priority
    • In case of excessive entries, selection of the pieces (approx. 30 cases) will be considered in consideration of distribution and design completeness by voltage class
Preference Survey
  • Subjects to be surveyed : all designs selected by preliminary evaluation committee
  • Survey period : September 11th (Mon) ~ 22nd (Fri) 18:00
  • Survey method : Send an e-mail to the subjects of the survey
    (※ Subjects of the survey: CIGRE SC C3 and B2 members, registrants of 2017 CIGRE SC C3 Meeting in Seoul, etc.)
Main evaluation
  • Date / Place : 2017. 9. 26 (Tue) 15:00 / Coex 403 Conference Room
  • Judging Criteria
    Criteria Design completeness Development effort Practicality Preference Survey Total
    Points 40 30 20 10 100
Exhibit and Award Ceremony
Holding the Exhibit
  • Period/place : 2017. 9. 26 (Tue)~28 (Thur) / Coex Floor 4 Conference Room Lobby
  • Subject : All pieces for main evaluation (after selection of awarded pieces, will be labeled the level of award)
  • Method : Image of the transmission tower + description panel displayed on easel
Holding the Award Ceremony
  • Date/place : 2017. 9. 27 (Wed) 17:00 / InterContinental COEX Diamond Room
  • Recipient : Executive vice president of KEPCO (Grand Prize), Head of Transmission & Substation Construction Department of KEPCO (Gold, Silver and Bronze)
  • Contents of the award : Grand Prize, Gold/Silver/Bronze per one person, plaque and reward money, Participant award will be given to all the participants from abroad.
    Division Grand Prize Gold Award Silver Award Bronze Award Total
    Reward Money(US$) 5000 3000 2000 1000 11,000
  • 2017 CIGRE SC C3 Meeting in Seoul joined with SC B2 Secretariat
  • Representative : CHANG JAEWON, Business registration number : 114-82-10517
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